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      MINI Automatic Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Analyzer

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      Technical Specification:

      Instrument type Bench-top Automatic Chemiluminescence Analyzer
      Throughput Up?to?8?samples or assays per?run
      Measuring time 20-40 mins
      Measuring principle Cheiluminescent Microparticle Immunoassay(CMA)
      Sampling material Serum/Plasma
      Test mode Batch mode
      Test speed >32?tests/hour
      Calibration Factory?Calibration,?2-point?calibration?every?90?days
      Quality Control 2?level-Lyophilised Quality Controls available
      Monitor/Keyboard LCD Touchscreen
      PC Integrated
      Interface USB,?RS232,?Ethernet?port?supports?LIS?connection
      Data storage Automatically stored
      Weight 25KGS
      Dimensions 525*480*530mm

      Instrument Features:

      Industry-leading?precision and accuracy 1.High level?of accuracy from?chemiluminescence technology
      Flexible,?reliable?testing 1.Ability to run serum/plasma samples2.8simultaneous tests in?under 20 minutes3.Flexibility to perform any of the assays
      Simple.User-friendly 1.Single test reagent cartridge2.Color touchscreen controls3.Less than 4 steps?to get accurate?result
      Quality and Compatibility 1.Easily?interfaces with?Laboratory Information Systems2.L-J, Westguard QC

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